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Q: What kind of custom painting do you do?

A: We've done everything from traditional paddles and lapboards for sororities to wine glasses for bridal showers -- and even those annoying fraternity coolers for Formals and TX-OU Weekend!  If you're curious or concerned about your great idea, just give us a call at 512-480-0305.

Q: Can I bring in my items to embroider, or do I have to buy something from you?

A: Of course you can bring in your own T-shirts, blankets, rain jackets, cardigans, etc!  Our ability to embroider it does however depend on the fabric.

Q: How long does a traditional monogram take?

A: We schedule for a 1-week turnaround minimum.  Some orders don't take as long!  Group orders will take longer.

Q: I don't see my sorority listed.  Can I do a custom group order with you?

A: Group orders are absolutely our favorite!  We love branching out to find new products and accommodate organizations from outside the University community.  You can contact us to talk about specifics.

Q: Do you only service the Panhellenic sororities at UT?

A: In store, our products primarily support the fourteen Panhellenic sororities that makeup our regular foot-traffic customers.  But that doesn't mean we can't find or design items for the other groups represented on campus!  Please let us know what you're looking for here or give us a call at 512-480-0305.

Q: What's up with those Shipping Costs?

A:  Because we want you to receive your items -- especially custom items, where design and production can take longer than shipping times -- as quickly  as possible, we ship most of our packages USPS Priority 2-Day Mail.